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Indurate Alloys is a premium distributor of hard chrome plating products for application facilities.

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Our in-house expert knowledge and access to the world's top manufacturers of Chrome and Chrome Catalyst products enables us to carry a wide variety of chrome plating products, from additives to wetting agents and chrome removal chemicals. Additionally, we carry a line of chromic acid flakes for hard chrome plating applicators. 

There are many benefits of Hard Chrome plating, the increased hardness of a plated product being one of the main benefits. The hardness and durability of a chrome-plated metal surface finish allow parts to last longer even under severe mechanical and chemical contact and wear situations. A chrome surface also resists corrosion while creating a bright and smooth surface that is easier to clean and work within applications where seal fits are essential. This coating and smooth finish allow for more excellent lubricity, which, combined with its hardness, makes it one of the prime engineering choices for friction reduction and durability enhancement through abrasion resistance. This protection in specific applications helps increase the life span and performance of many products across many industries, all while being achieved in a cost-effective application.

Innovation, experience, and expert advice are the heart of everything we do. Our rapid response team makes sure you get what you need when you need it. 

We look forward to assisting you and your business with its Hard Chrome Plating supply needs. Contact us now at 780-439-8099 or info@induratealloys.com for details on any of the items listed below.



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